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2014-2015 ​D​ire​ctor's Annual ​Report to​ the Community

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​​​​O​peratin​g Budget

The Durham District School Board's 2014-2015 operating budget was balanced and included revenues and expenditures of $700,153,900.

The operating budget reflected all changes to provincial funding and the corresponding impact on expenditures.

The budget included the expansion of Full Day Kindergarten from 245 to 351 classes.  2014-2015 was the final year of the five year Full Day Kindergarten implementation.  The budget continued to support Special Education resources despite changes to Ministry of Education funding formulas that negatively impacted Special Education Funding for Durham District School Board.  The budget also continued the board practice of allocating all funding received for English as a Second Language​ (ESL), Safe Schools and Student Success to support programs and services for students.


Capital Budget

The 2014-2015 capital budget included revenues of $82,764,332 and corresponding expenditures of $82,764,332.

Included  is $3,400,000 in Educational Development Charges that will support the purchase of school sites.

The capital budget also includes $55,034,025 of Ministry funded and board approved capital projects , as well as $24,330,307 in interest and debt related financing.



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