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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning
Strategic ​Priorities:
Increase Student Achievement and Well-Being
Constructively Engage the Community
Advance Inspired Leadership 

Strategic Goals:
Increase Student Achievement and Well-Being
  • Align resources to where​ they are most needed to support 
    equitable outcomes for all students
  • Focus on continuous improvement in literacy/numeracy and 
    narrowing the achievement gap
  • Use data and research to develop programs to support learning
  • Provide safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environments which
    support positive academic, mental, and physical growth
  • Promote creativity and critical thinking in preparing students 
    to be global citizens
  • Provide a range of rich programming options which allow 
    students to pursue multiple pathways
Constructively Engage the Community
  • Use many ways to communicate with and receive feedback from the
  • Increase parent engagement with schools to promote student 
    achievement and well-being
  • Create and sustain partnerships to provide opportunities for 
    students to be engaged and successful
Advance Inspired Leadership
  • Provide opportunities for students and staff to build their own 
    personal leadership skills
  • Foster resilient leaders who inspire creativity, collaboration, 
    and curiosity
  • Develop instructional leadership skills and practices
  • Encourage, support, and promote student leadership 
    and citizenship
  • Demonstrate ethical leadership in all aspects of our work

download a copy of the Board's strategic plan

​​We Ignite Learning by:

Believing that every learner can and will be successful
Every student ​we serve has the potential to grow and be successful. We ​will be persistent in bringing learning alive, ensuring that education is an individual journey.

Welcoming the involvement of parents, caregivers, staff, and students
We recognize that our community is our partner in education and that the home learning environment is critically important to the success of​ learners. By inviting and enabling parent and caregiver involvement, teachers and support staff will enrich student learning opportunities.

Valuing the richness in the diversity of our community
Diversity in all human aspects enriches our collective experience. Learning is ignited when students explore many points of view and connect to others through their learning. We will support diverse learning styles and engage students in their personal exploration of future pathways.

Engaging all learners in culturally responsive and relevant learning
Choice and voice are central to student engagement.  We will engage students by re​flecting their reality in the curriculum.

Promoting innovative practices in teaching and learning
Research helps to inform how students best learn, and through experimentation with new approaches to helping students learn, we will continuously improve school and student achievement.

Integrating technology in the learning environment to support student strengths and needs
The use of technology continues to accelerate in society. Today's learning spaces are flexible and through technology can be personalized to meet students' needs. By integrating technology we will deepen student knowledge, understanding, and thinking while widening their learning in a global context.

Communicating openly and pro-actively throughout the organization
Communicati​on is a cornerstone of positive relationships. In sharing our high expectations, successes and our challenges, we will work together to find solutions and improve student achievement and well-being.



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