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​Ajax High School — Henry Street HS — J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate
Superintendent of Education: Martine Robinson
Administrative Officer:  David Fitchett, email
Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Chassels, email

Ajax High School​
Bolton C. Falby PSCadarack​que PSCarruthers Creek PS
Duffin's Bay PS​Lakeside PS​Southwood Park PS​


J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate ​ ​
Applecroft PSda Vinci PS​Dr. Roberta Bondar PS​
Lester B. Pearson​ PSLord Elgin PS​Nottingham PS​
Roland Michener PS​Roméo Dallaire PS​Terry Fox PS​


Anderson CVI — Donald A. Wilson SS
Superintendent of Education: Anne Marie Laginski
Administrative Officer: Margaret Lazarus, email
Administrative Assistant: Michelle Inwood, email

Anderson CVI
​Bellwood PSC.E. Broughton PSDr. Robert Thornton PS 
Pringle Creek PS


Donald A. Wilson SS
Captain Michael VandenBos PSJack Miner PSJulie Payette PS
Meadowcrest PSRobert Munsch PSWilliamsburg PS

G.L. Roberts CVI — R.S. McLaughlin CVI
Superintendent of Education: Silvia Peterson
Administrative Officer:  Margaret Lazarus, email
Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Inwood, email

G.L. Roberts CVI
Bobby Orr PSDr. C.F. Cannon PSGlen Street PS
​Lakewoods PS

R.S. McLaughlin CVI
Adelaide McLaughlin PSCollege Hill PSJeanne Sauvé PS
Stephen Saywell PSVillage Union PS​Walter E. Harris PS
​​Waverly PSWoodc​rest PS​

Brock HS — Brooklin HS — Sinclair SS — Uxbridge SS
Superintendent of Education: Jim Markovski
Administrative Officer: Stephen Nevills, email
Administrative Assistant: Tanja Lamannae​mail

Brock HS
Beaverton PSMcCaskill's Mills PSSunderland PS​
Thorah Central PS


Brooklin HS
Blair Ridge PSBrooklin Village PSChris Hadfield PS
Winch​ester PS

Sinclair SS
Fallingbrook PSGlen Dhu PSJohn Dryden PS
Ormiston PSSir Samuel Steele PS


Uxbridge SS
Goodwood PSJoseph Gould PSQuaker Village PS
Scott Central PSU​xbridge PS

Dunbarton HS — Maxwell Heights SS
Durham Alternative SS — Durham Continuing Education​
Superintendent of Education: Richard Kennelly
Administrative Officer:  Margaret Lazarus, email
Administrative Assistant:  Lori Clint, em​ail

Dunbarton HS
Altona Forest PSElizabeth B. Phin PSFairport Beach PS
Frenchman's Bay PSGandatsetiagon PSHighbush PS
Rosebank Road PSWestcreek PS

Eastdale CVI — O'Neill CVI — Port Perry HS

Superintendent of Education: Acting John Bowyer
Administrative Officer: Stephen Nevills, email 
Administrative Assistant:  Pam Ridley, email

Port Perr​y HS
Cartwright Central PS
Greenbank PS
Prince Albert PS
R.H.​ Cornish PS
S.A. Cawker PS

Pickering HS — Pine Ridge SS
Superintendent of Education: Mohamed Hamid
Administrative Officer:  David Fitchett, email
Administrative Assistant: Nicky Williams, em​ail 

Pickering HS
Alexander G. Bell PSEagle Ridge PSLincoln Al​exander PS
Lincoln Avenue PSMichaëlle Jean PSVimy Ridge PS
Westney Heights PS

Valley View PS  (feeder school for J. Clarke Richardson C.)