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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning

   2017 Welcome Back — Students, Families and Staff

This school year we are introducing many exciting changes to better support our students to achieve their goals and aspirations. This fall we will review our 3-year Ignite Learning Strategic Plan to develop new priorities to be known as our Re-Ignite Learning Strategic Plan. We will meet with key stakeholders to get their views including students, parents, community members and DDSB trustees and staff. The plan will become our new 3-year guidepost. Our theme “We Are DDSB” provides voice and opportunity to determine our core priorities as we continue to evolve and create a dynamic school board.

We will continue to ensure that coherence is the foundation for everything we do. This is how we will plan and implement our many strategic priorities by having a shared depth of understanding about the purpose and nature of our work in the minds and actions of all DDSB staff, ensuring we are focusing our direction, deepening our learning, creating collaborative cultures and ensuring accountability.

Our focus on leveraging digital will involve three main components – digital tools such as Chromebooks, technology to enhance teaching and learning, and creative, innovative learning spaces.

Our new Youth Poverty Strategy will support our students in need and see the creation of four new youth hubs in our secondary schools.

We will continue to use data to inform and improve student outcomes and success and we have developed a new Data Literacy process.

We will conduct the We Are DDSB Workforce Census to collect demographic data on our employees to better inform our hiring practices so that our staff demographics reflect that of our school communities.

The launch of our new Equity & Diversity Strategic Plan will demonstrate our commitment to and focus on ensuring equitable outcomes and opportunities for all our students.

On behalf of DDSB staff and our Board of Trustees, I welcome our new students and our Kindergarten students who will experience school for the first time. At the DDSB, we pride ourselves on making our schools welcome and inclusive for all our students and members of our school communities.

2017-2018 promises to be a year full of growth, learning and success for our 70,000 students. Part of that success requires the participation and engagement of parents and guardians who want to make a difference for their children. We encourage parents and guardians to have ongoing, open, productive communication with your child’s teacher and school. Consider becoming involved with School Community Councils (SCC), which provide a vital link among school, home and community.

Visit and your school’s website to learn of news, highlights and events. You can visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @Durhamdsb and @Director_DDSB.

Please accept my best wishes for a successful and memorable 2017-2018 school year. Together, We Are DDSB!