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Better Butter Made in Durham
​As the weather starts to get colder trying to spread butter on toast can become a hassle. Two Michaëlle Jean PS students decided to tackle the problem with their invention, Better Butter.

Cheyenne Brooks-Small and Madison St. Louis put their minds together in Ms. Farquhar's grade 7 science class when asked to create an invention for the Invention Convention coming up later in the school year.

The two young ladies, who say they work well together, started to brainstorm what they could possibly do. "We were just brainstorming ideas that would be efficient," says Madison.

"We had to create an invention for the Invention Convention and our science teacher picked certain students to go. We were coming up with ideas that people hadn't heard before and we came up with Better Butter," says Cheyenne.

Cheyenne and Madison's invention for Better Butter is to change the way in which it is dispensed from a butter dish to a roll on container so butter can actually be rolled onto toast.

Their inventive idea was picked up and broadcast on the PBS Kids Design Squad show giving Cheyenne and Madison instant attention.

Cheyenne and Madison appear on PBS Kids

"At first other students didn't care, but as soon as they saw us on PBS they were happy for us," says Madison.

"Lots of people thought it was cool, but other people thought it was really weird so there were very different responses to our invention," says Cheyenne.

Neither Madison nor Cheyenne, who recently started high school at Pickering HS, are big on science, but both were willing to give the activity a shot.

In addition to the many activities and goings-on both students plan for high school, both girls also want to join the STEM club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to see what more they can learn and contribute.


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