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Frenchman’s Bay PS Gets SickKids Ready for Xmas

The students at Frenchman's Bay are at it again.

Earlier this year, grade 5 students banded together to gather school supplies for students in Barbuda affected by the recent hurricane. Now, it's the grade 6 students who are doing their part for kids who have to spend their Christmas in hospital.

"We started this fundraiser at our school to give back to SickKids Hospital because we know friends and family that have been there," says Olivia, one of the group organizers. "We are collecting gifts from our school to encourage more people to bring presents."

Frenchman’s Bay PS Gets SickKids Ready for Xmas

Olivia, Kyra, Rebecca, Rachel, and Sara have been friends since Kindergarten. They have been joined by Iianna, who recently moved to the community, to help lead the charge to gather donations for fellow young people spending their holiday at SickKids Hospital.

"I think it's really important that we're doing this because, without us, kids may not get something for Christmas," says Rebecca.

Iianna agrees, as she believes an effort like this will help kids feel better during a tough time and being in the hospital.

Most of the girls have been to SickKids Hospital and understand what the hospital does is very important. "I've been to SickKids, and they make it seem like it's a fun place to be. They have a library and a cool daycare," says Olivia.

"It is a hospital that kids go to when they're sick," says Kyra. "We're collecting toys and money to make their holiday a little brighter because they're in a hospital."

The group's fundraising efforts began November 1st and ended December 1st and have reached beyond the school walls. "My mom's workplace has donated 30 toys from employees and they have also given 300 dollars," says Sara.

The girls have also arranged for classes within the school to compete to see who can bring in the most gifts and financial donations with the winning class recognized in school.

Thus far, presents have been donated by each class with financial donations totalling over $200.


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