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What?   Breaking Down the Stigma focuses on changing negative attitudes toward mental illness. Stigma is the resulting shame or disgrace from being regarded as socially unacceptable. Those who are perceived to suffer
from mental illness are likely to face this form of discrimination which may result in a myriad of concerns, including: 
  •  isolation
  •  bullying
  •  lack of adequate housing
  •  lack of adequate recreation
  •  lack of adequate employment
How?    The DDSB is committed to providing education and resources for staff and students to:
  • Understand the stigma surrounding mental health problems and the impact of stigma and discrimination on help-seeking behaviour
  • Explore the differences between the myths and realities of mental illness
  • Investigate the attitudes of people in the school community about mental illness
  • Learn ways of overcoming stigma and promoting a realistic and positive understanding of mental illness
Why?    While many people recover from mental illness or find ways to manage it, the stigma and discrimination they experience because of their mental illness can adversely affect their potential to seek out support for diagnosis and recovery.


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