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What? Resiliency refers to the ability to bounce back from adversity.
Improving resiliency promotes positive well-being and can improve academic success. DDSB recognizes that building resiliency is one component to developing positive school climates.  
How? To build resiliency, school plans will:
  • Show all members of the school community that they are welcome, accepted and valued
  • Connect school, students and staff to the community
  • Provide evidence of the impact of resiliency on student achievement
  • Provide support and leadership opportunities to staff and students
  • Develop a school wide approach to infusing resiliency-building programs and curriculum into the learning and working environment


Why? Resiliency, or lack of, can greatly impact the ability to succeed at school, work, home, and in society. School systems need to nurture, mend and strengthen resiliency skills which can improve the quality and length of life. Resiliency consists of a set of skills that assist individuals to move forward in life despite the many obstacles and
challenges one may have to face.



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