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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning
What?    DDSB is committed to designing a plan which promotes and sustains Parent/Guardian and Family Engagement as it is integral in supporting good mental health of DDSB students.
The need for parent/guardian and family engagement, collaboration and awareness has been recognized as one of the most commonly identified challenges.
Mental Health Commission of Canada
April, 2012
  • Provide DDSB students and their families with equitable opportunities, programs, supports and services that match their diverse needs
  • Maintain a balanced perspective between the student and family-centred approach to mental health while respecting and supporting the rights of all
Why?    It is recognized that parent/guardian and family engagement is a key factor in the enhancement of student achievement and well-being. Students are more likely to be motivated, earn higher grades, have better behaviour and social skills and continue their education to a higher level when their parents are actively engaged in supporting their school success.