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Following an extensive review of the Special Education services and delivery model that involved consultation with all stakeholders, in September 2017 we began implementing a number of changes. We continue to respond to the needs of our students, providing them with options for intensive support, that are closer to home, while maintaining opportunities for meaningful integration in school and community settings.

The Durham District School Board's Special Education program is to provide a range of programs, placements and services for students with special needs in a supportive environment which enables them to develop to their full potential.

Students' needs can be met through a variety of programs, placements and class types within the DDSB. We strive to help every student meet his or her full potential, while fostering the highest level of independence possible for each student. We work with parents and board staff to determine the placement that best meets the student's needs, whether that is in a regular classroom, or for some students, in a special education class.

We place a strong emphasis on the inclusion of our students with special needs.

Our on-going commitment is to provide the structures and support each student needs to foster their growth & development in programs which foster integration and independence as defined for each student based on their strengths and needs.

For more information about our various special education placements, please click on the Many Paths to Success brochure.

More information on the Special Education Review may be found below.


Special Education Review


Special Eduction Review: Navigating Change
Special Education Review - Resources:

Navigating Change

Navigating Change 2017-2018 - Year End Summary

Special Education in the DDSB:
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  - January 2017, Community Information Sessions

Community Information Session Presentation - PowerPoint Presentation - Winter 2018

2017-2018 Overview of Special Education Class Placements

Community Information Sessions



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