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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning
eLearning Secondary Courses
The Durham District School Board (DDSB) is excited to announce they will be offering a number of courses in an online eLearning platform for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. eLearning provides students with a flexible alternative to the face-to-face classroom. This online setting can support a student’s educational plan when courses are not available to them at the home school, when a flexible alternative learning environment is required or when matching student preferred learning styles to programming needs.

All of our secondary schools are participating in our eLearning program.

Interested DDSB students who will be in Grade 11 and 12 in the 2018-2019 school year have an opportunity to enroll in two online courses per year (one per semester). If you are interested in enrolling in one of these courses, please speak to a member of your school’s Guidance Department.

Adult learners or students who have already graduated from secondary school should contact Durham Continuing Education​. 

Potential eLearning 2017-2018 School Year (subject to enrolment)

BBB4M1 -
​​Gr. 12 International Business Fundamentals BBB4M1 -
​Gr. 12 International Business Fundamentals
BOH4M1 - ​Gr. 12 Business Leadership BOH4M1 -
​Gr. 12 Business Leadership
CHY4U1 - ​Gr. 12 World History since the 15th Century CGR4M1 - Gr. 12 The Environment and Resource Management​
ENG4C1 - ​Gr. 12 English, College Prep CGW4U1 - ​Gr. 12 World Issues: A Geographic Analysis
EWC4U1 - ​Gr. 12 The Writer's Craft CHI4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Canada: History, Identity and Culture
FSF4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Core French CHY4U1 - ​Gr. 12 World History since the 15th Century
HHS4C1 - ​Gr. 12 Families in Canada CLN4U1 - ​Gr. 12 - Canadian and International Law
HSB4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Challenge and Change GWL301 - ​Gr. 11 Designing your Future
HSE4M1 - ​Gr. 12 Equity and Social Justice HFA4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Nutrition and Health
MDM4U1 - ​Gr.12 Data Management HHS4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Families in Canada
NDA3M1 - ​Gr 11 Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada HSB4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Challenge and Change
PSK4U1 ​Gr. 12 Introductory Kinesiology HSP3U1 - ​Gr. 11 intro Anthropology, Psychology, & Sociology
TGJ4M1 ​Gr. 12 Communications Technology HZT4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Philosophy: Questions and Theories
IDC4U1 - ​Black Studies
MCT4C1 - ​Gr. 12 Mathematics for College Technology
NDW4M1 - ​Gr. 12 Issues of Indigenous Peoples in a Global Context
PPZ3C1 - ​Gr. 11 Health for Life
SBI4U1 - ​Gr. 12 Biology
SNC4M1 - ​Gr. 12 Science