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Ignite Learning
e-Learning Secondary Courses
e-Learning provides students with a flexible alternative to the face-to-face classroom. Many of our secondary schools are participating in our e-Learning program.

This program provides students who are currently enrolled as full-time day students at one of our participating secondary schools with access to all of the online courses offered. Below you will find a list of the schools participating in this program as well as the courses being offered online.

Full-time day students who are enrolled at a participating school, should speak to a member of their school's Guidance Department if they are interested in enrolling in one of these courses.

Adult learners or students who have already graduated from secondary school should contact Durham Continuing Education​.

Welcome Secondary e-Learning Students!

Students who are registered in a regular semester secondary e-Learning course will have access to their e-Learning Student Orientation Course starting at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the semester of the regular secondary school year calendar and will have access to their e-Learning course starting at 8:00 a.m. on the fourth day of the semester. This will give e-Learning students three days to complete their Student Orientation Course.  See your school guidance department for more assistance.

It is very important that students complete the Student Orientation Course to ensure that they are familiar with the Provincial Virtual Learning Environment. 

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e-Learning 2017-2018 School Year
Participating schools and courses:

Ajax HS​ Anderson CVI​ Brock HS Brooklin HS Donald A. Wilson SS
​Dunbarton HS Eastdale CI G.L. Roberts CVI ​Henry Street HS​
J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate
Maxwell Heights SS
O'Neill CVI
​Pickering HS
​Pine Ridge SS
R.S. McLaughlin CVI
Sinclair SS
​Uxbridge SS

Course code Semester​ Course​
BBB 4M 1​ & 2 International Business Fundamentals
BOH 4M 1​ & 2 Business Leadership:  Management Fundamentals
CGR 4M ​2 The Environment and Resource Management
CHI 4U ​2 Canada: History, Identity, and Culture
CHY 4U ​2 World History since the Fifteenth Century
CLN 4U ​2 Canadian and International Law
EWC 4U ​1 Writer’s Craft
FSF4U ​1 French
GWL 3O ​2 Designing Your Future-Guidance and Career Education
HHS 4U ​2 Individuals & Families in a Diverse Society
HZT 4U ​2 Philosophy: Questions and Theories
MCT 4C ​2 Math for College Technology
MAP 4C ​1 Foundations for College Mathematics
PPZ3C ​2 Health for Life
SNC 4M ​2 Science
TGJ 4M1Communications Technology Grade 12 U/C Prep