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Durham District School Board
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Transition Advisory Group
​The Durham District School Board's (DDSB) Transition Advisory Group was established in 2005 and meets three times in a school year. The purpose of the Transition Advisory Group is to make recommendations that assist DDSB teachers and support staff in completing positive transition plans for all Identified Durham students.
The Advisory consists of School Social Workers, Special Education Department Head, Special Education Officer, Student Support Leadership Initiative Project coordinator, Special Education Facilitator, SEAC , Frontenac , Participation House, Durham Region Employment Network ( DREN), Grandview, Abilities Centre, Precious Minds, Learning Disability Association of Durham, Northern Lights Canada, Durham Mental Health (DMH), Durham College/UOIT, Ministry of Community and Social Services - ODSP, Region of Durham -Community Support Service Worker/Passport Initiative coordinator, Community Living Associations.

 Transitioning from Elementary to Secondary
  • Parent Infor​mation Night - Date TBA
Transitioning from Secondary to Post Secondary

​Transitioning from Secondary to Post Secondary - Durham North