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Durham Elementary Athletic Association

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What is DEAA?
The Elementary Athletic Association was established in 1973-74 to allow an opportunity for consistent, quality interschool competition in the Durham Board of Education. Today, DEAA governs over 100 schools involving 40,000 students. DEAA supports eleven sports, including cross country, volleyball, basketball, curling, wrestling, folk dance, track and field, badminton, lacrosse, three pitch and ultimate. Athletic experiences provide spin off:
  • building confidence
  • tolerance
  • fair play
  • social skills
  • team work
Sports instill in children lifelong skills, keep them active and involved and help them make positive choices amongst the influences found in our growing region. DEAA strives to instill in the students certain ideas: 
  • to play fairly under all circumstances
  • to win modestly and to accept defeat with good spirit
  • not to question the referee’s decision
DEAA Aims and Objectives
  • to offer and promote the finest inter-school programs for the students of our schools, focusing on those sports not widely available within the community. 
  • to promote a high degree of sportsmanship amongst the students competing in DEAA events.
  • to establish enriched opportunities for a large number of students to excel beyond the physical education program and intramural activities offered within their own schools.
  • to provide an opportunity for teachers who enjoy coaching to utilize their expertise and to enjoy a spirit of good fellowship with those in the profession who hold the similar interests.


Durham Statistics

Number of Athletes​ 14,700​
​Number of Sports 12​
​Number of Schools 107​
​Number of Coaches 668​
​Number of Convenors 120​
DEAA Executive ​27
DEAA Strengths
This organization has flourished and is second to none in the province. We provide positive athletic opportunities for elementary students from grades three to eight. Leadership opportunities also exist for teachers who wish to provide their volunteer time to coach and convene various sports. DEAA is a model of efficiency and effective organization and is always seeking innovative ideas to keep pace with our changing society.
Contact Us
Gina Waduck, DDSB Athletic Program Coordinator
DDSB Education Centre
Ph: 905-666-6937