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Durham District School Board
Ignite Learning
Whole School Approach
Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868A whole school approach is a well-researched strategy that helps to create a positive school climate in which all stakeholders are and feel welcome, safe and valued.


Board Policies, Regulations and Procedures 
​#5148 Regulation Positive School Climate

​Resources​​ ​​
Student Voice:
Stude​nt Voice Project
Summary of Ministry
Student Voice:
Student Involvement Project
School Climate Surveys
5 C's of Student Success (Poster 19 x 25) ​
Best Practices Supporting Safe Schools ​
​Ministry of Ed​ucation Resources​​ ​

Promoting A Positive School Climate: A Resource for Schools 
The Whole School Approach: Tip Sheet 
Making Ontario's School Safer:  What Parents Need to Know Making Ontario's Schools Safer: What Parents
Need to Know

​​Progressive Discipline
Restorative Practice
Character Education
Bullying & Cyberbullying Prevention & Intervention
Safety and Security
Self Regulation