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Durham District School Board
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Student Senate
Student Senate was created in the 1999-2000 school year. The Student Senate is a committee comprised of student leaders representing secondary schools from across the Durham District School Board. Student Council Presidents and Prime Ministers and/or two additional elected student leaders attend Student Senate meetings as their school’s representatives. The group meets nine times per year in a forum that allows opportunity for communication and idea sharing between the Board and its secondary students.
Three Student Trustees bring issues, comments and concerns expressed by the Student Senate to the attention of the Board. Essentially, the Senate acts as a student advisory group for the Student Trustees. A sta​ff advisor also participates in the Student Senate meetings.
The committee is led by three Student Trustees who are elected by students to represent the student voice at the boardroom table. Student Trustees are elected for a one-year term, beginning in August and ending in June of each school year. The process for selecting Student Trustees begins in March of each year. Interested students are encouraged to contact their school’s Principal.
Avery Jackman
Student Trustee
Kofi Richter
Student Trustee
Northern Schools
Kevin Zheng
Student Trustee

Student Senate Meeting Schedule
Typically, meetings are held at the Education Centre on the
first Monday of each month from October through June.
Student trustees will begin their work in August 2016 and
will join the Board of Trustees at the table in S​eptember.