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Durham District School Board Asks Province to
Fund the​ Need for More Than 15,000 Students with Special Needs

The Durham District School Board provides special education services to more than 15,000 students. The DDSB's Fund the Need campaign points out that One in Four students taught by the DDSB has special needs, but the funding required to meet those needs is not keeping pace. This is the challenge facing the DDSB now being highlighted in a public awareness campaign.

The funding gap is growing and impacts the services provided to more than 15,000 of our most vulnerable students and their families. The DDSB's Trustees are deeply concerned about the critical importance of funding the need and this is why they have undertaken this public awareness campaign.

Students with special needs are those who require support services because they have one or more needs related to developmental, physical, mental health, cognitive and/or behavioral challenges.

The number of students with special needs is growing. Adding to the challenge, student needs are more complex requiring increased resources and programming.  For example, the number of students with very high needs requiring assistance by more than two adults, has tripled.

The Durham District School Board has a history of strong fiscal management, and has made some difficult decisions every year and has trimmed special education costs. Any further cuts will significantly impact our ability to maintain our current level of service to students who require special education support services. The reality is that the increasing funding gap puts the entire system at risk and will damage the equity that is at the heart of public education.


How Can You Help?​ — Join the Campaign

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