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Student Parking

May 24, 2016

If students wish to park on school property, then they need a parking permit. The process for getting a parking permit will be online and made accessible during the first week of September, using the link provided on our website.

If granted a permit, then students must abide by the school parking rules, outlined below:

1. Student must understand parking on school property is a privilege, not a right.

2. Student parking is limited to and only in the WEST Parking Lots.

3. Parking for students is very limited, to 77 spots, so a permit must be obtained.

4. Only vehicles registered with the main office are allowed on school property. Unregistered vehicles are eligible for tickets and/or tow-away charges.

5. Registered vehicles which are found in other than student designated parking zones may be ticketed or towed away at owner’s expense.

6. Parking is NOT allowed on grassy areas of the school grounds or in the bus-loading zones around the ring road of the school. No student vehicles are allowed in the front of the school on the South Carnwith side, nor on the North patio side, nor on the East Baldwin side.

7. Students are not to park at the end of the rows and block vehicles from entering or leaving.

8. Students are to drive courteously and cautiously. Please do not speed on or near school property. Please do not drive the wrong way on the ring road. Please do not exit using a left turn from the double west student parking lot...All students must follow rules of the road!

9. Any vandalism or “practical jokes” between vehicles is NOT acceptable and students involved may have parking privileges removed.

10. Vehicles are transportation to and from school. Students are not to loiter in the parking lot during school hours or over the lunch period.

11. Once approved, you will be issued a parking tag. Please display it. Failure to display it may result in a ticket or tow and/or loss of parking privileges.


1. We are oversubscibed for student parking and will be issuing permits only to Gr 12 students.

2. We encourage all students to walk, bike, and/or skate to their community secondary school.

3. Our survey has shown not all students with parking permits drive daily.

4. Best practice for student drivers is to arrive early and stay for the duration of the school day so you don't lose your parking spot.

5. We will consider student proximity and distance to school when issuing permits, potentially prioritizing students based on distance and school program.