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Digital Citizenship & Technology Use
Technology Use at School
We at Carruthers Creek P.S. are pleased to provide students with access to a variety of computing and information technology facilities and resources. These facilities and resources are provided for educational purposes, in support of student learning and include:
1. DDSB Owned Equipment and Infrastructure
The DDSB provides our school with numerous desktop and portable laptop computers, each equipped with a suite of software and access to high-speed internet. All users of The Durham District School Board computing are required to know and abide by the DDSB Acceptable and Safe Use Procedure, which is available to read and download on our school website. This must be printed, signed by parent and student, and returned to school in September before the student may use school technology (including internet access and use).
Some expectations to emphasize with students include:
• only use the computing and technology facilities as directed by their teachers.
• follow the school rules and Code of Conduct when using technology
• inform their teacher immediately if they find materials and sites that may be offensive to themselves or others
• maintain confidentiality of their password
• do not go into another person’s private files, or access the system with any other username besides the one provided them by the DDSB
2. Classroom Use of Personal Electronic Devices
Personal electronic devices that are used inappropriately inside of schools during the normal school day are disruptive to the teaching and learning environment. The privacy and personal dignity of others could be violated by the inappropriate use of personal electronic devices to text message, social network, and/or share digital media. In addition, communication through personal electronic devices during class time interferes with teaching and learning. Therefore, personal electronic devices are not permitted for use during instructional time.

An exception to this occurs when the teacher has approved the use of specific personal technology at specific times for purposeful instruction. When this occurs, student-owned devices, such as tablets, netbooks, and smart phones, can be connected to the DDSB Guest wireless internet with teacher approval. This access can be a powerful learning and productivity tool for students to complement the school provided technology.

Teachers who choose to permit use of personal devices during instructional time will communicate this to students and parents, who will be required to complete a short online “Digital Boot Camp” training course outlining rules and expected conduct with personal devices in the classroom. Upon completion of this course, the student will receive their “Digital Passport”, allowing them to bring their personal technology into the classroom.

Students will never be required to bring personal technology to school, and school provided technology will always be available as an alternative. Parents, who decide, after a teacher request, to allow their child to bring a personal electronic device to school, assume full responsibility for any loss or damage, although reasonable efforts will be taken to keep the devices in a safe area within the classroom.
3. Other Use of Personal Devices
Students are encouraged to leave their personal electronic equipment at home during the instructional day, unless being used for classroom instructional purposed as described above. If cell phones, i-Pods, etc. come to school for non-instruction purposes they must be turned off and left in their lockers or backpacks. The school does not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen electronic equipment.

Students may be allowed to use these devices in designated areas during non-instructional times (recess, lunch) at the discretion of staff and school administration. However, at no time are students permitted to take photographs or video with their electronic devices, due to confidentiality and permission issues.

Computer, internet, personal device use, and/or other technology uses may be revoked, as deemed appropriate by school administration, for any infringement of the Code of Conduct, Safe and Acceptable Use Procedure, or Digital Passport.

Students or parents should report any perceived incidents of cyber-bullying, whether initiated at or away from school, to school administration. Any use of technology, whether personal or school-provided and whether done from school or any other location, which meets the definition of bullying as stated in the Safe and Accepting Schools Act, shall be subject to our school Progressive Discipline policy.