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Parents can help children learn mathematics in many ways.  One of the most important ways is to
promote a positive, problem-solving attitude to mathematics, which builds the foundation for mathematical learning.

Have fun and find the math in every day activities - shopping, driving, sports, arts - math really is everywhere!

Ask questions to help your child think about the concepts of number, proportion, patterning and problem-solving strategies. 


Ontario Ministry of Education - Mathematics


EQAO Parent Resources


Doing Mathematics With Your Child.pdf 


TVO Kids JK/SK Games

Students can play games to develop understanding of key ideas related to mathematics.


TVO Kids Homework Zone Grade 1 - 6

Students can view videos which explain mathematics concepts to build understanding.


Homework Help Grades 7 - 12

Students can get 1:1 online help from a qualified Ontario teacher. 


Mathies Website

has a wealth of resources to support families in learning mathematics at home.  Families can find activities to do together, including digital and online resources. 


Mathies - What math activities can we do together?


Nelson Math

(select your child's grade for questions you can do with your child, and a wealth of real-world activities your child can do)

Video Podcast - Sorting, Matching and Making Patterns


Video Podcast - Literacy and Numeracy on the Fridge


A Maths Dictionary for Kids

Find definitions for mathematical terms your child may find in their homework.