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Duffin's Bay Public School
Inclement Weather



If it is raining, we will announce an indoor recess.

If it is raining at lunch, students who stay for lunch will eat in the lunchroom and then remain in the gym, playing games, doing puzzles, etc.. While we have some bins of games and puzzles, we always appreciate donations in this area.

If your child goes home for lunch, they should only return to school between 12:30 p.m. and 12:40 p.m.. They should enter at their regular door and wait in the stairwell until the entry bell rings. We will have staff at the doors at 12:30 p.m.. Students who have gone home for lunch are not to go to the gym.

Snow and Wind Chill

Students should be dressed appropriately for the snow and colder temperatures. We always attempt to send the students outside for recess and lunch because we believe that students need the opportunity to play in the fresh air. That being said, we monitor the core temperature andsnowflake.jpg wind chill temperature. According to D.D.S.B. Extreme Weather Guidelines, if either the wind chill or core temperature drops to -28 degrees Celsius, the students will remain indoors for recess.

It's always a good idea to tuck an extra pair of socks and mittens into your child's backpack so that if they get wet at morning recess, they have dry clothes to wear outside at lunch.

If we have announced an indoor lunch recess, students who stay for lunch will go to the gym during the recess break while those students returning from lunch at home will remain in the stairwells with a staff member until the bell rings.