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Duffin's Bay Public School
School Improvement Plan

Each year, school staff analyze student achievement data and data collected at the school level to develop a School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being for the coming school year.  School Improvement Plans are developed based upon the strengths and needs of the school and are aligned with the Durham District School Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being.   


The Learning Goals and Success Criteria of our School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being are addressed through 6 questions for students:


Here is a summary of the School Improvement Plan for 2016-2017.




The staff, students and community of Duffin's Bay Public School are committed to Ignite Learning by partnering to learn at school, home and in the community.   



As a learning community, we will engage in an inquiry approach for our professional and student learning by strategically exploring rich inquiry questions for students, staff and community members.


Inquiry Focus:

Student:  How can I communicate my thinking about mathematics?

Staff & Community:  What structures, interventions and strategies can we implement for students to consolidate their understanding of numeration concepts?



  • All students will learn mathematics through an inquiry (problem-solving) approach.
  • 100% of students who achieved Level 3 & 4 on the June, 2016 Report Card will remain at Level 3 or 4.
  • 100% of students who achieved a C or C_ in June, 2016 will achieve Level 3 by June, 2017.
Inquiry Focus: 
Student:  How can I use questioning to guide my thinking and understanding?
Staff & Community: Will increased opportunities for using framing questions improve student achievement in critical thinking?
  • All students will learn through rich, authentic tasks with an inquiry (critical thinking) approach.
  • 100% of students who achieved Level 3 or higher Reading and Writing on June, 2016 Report Cards will achieve Level 3 or higher by June, 2017.
  • 100% of marker students who achieved C or C+ in Reading and Writing will achieve Level 3 by June, 2017.



Inquiry Focus: 

Student: How do I know I am ready to learn?  How can I get myself ready to learn?

Staff & Community:  How will explicit teaching of strategies to be calm, alert and ready to learn impact student learning skills and student achievement?


  •  There will be a 10% increase in students earning at least a level "G" in Self-Regulation on the June, 2017 Report Card, compared to June, 2016.
  • All students will actively use the "All About Me" Portfolio to document their learning and reflect on their progress towards their goals.




  • All parents and caregivers will have multiple opportunities and pathways to learn with their children at home and school. 
  • Pathways include:

    • special events at school during the school day and in the evening (e.g. Bring Your Parent To School Day, Scientist in the School, class trips, assemblies, concerts, Parents Reaching Out Grant Event)
    • multiple communication platforms through student agendas, school website, social media and newsletters
    • School Community Council meetings and events
    • Duffin's Dialogue Coffee Hours


Our goals will be achieved through intentional research-based instructional strategies, which include:

  • rich learning tasks in an inquiry (problem-solving/critical thinking) stance
  • embedding STEM framework
  • guided instruction
  • responsive assessment practices (with a focus on Big Ideas, Learning Goals, Success Criteria, Descriptive Feedback, student goal-setting an precise interventions)
  • culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy
  • embedding technology as a learning tool