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Duffin's Bay Public School
Principal's Message

    Welcome Back

    The team here at Duffin’s Bay PS is very excited to welcome our students back to school.  It has been a busy summer in and around the school. Our front sidewalk was completely replaced and now welcomes all of us with its safe, level, accessible surface.  We have added an additional accessible parking spot adjacent to the front entrance as well. Several areas of the asphalt play surface around the school have been expanded and repaired.

    Inside, our contractors have been busy installing air conditioning in our resource room on the first floor as well as the main office.  Upstairs, our library air conditioning installed. As you can imagine, retrofitting a 40 year old building comes with surprises (we should have done an HGTV special).  Compliments to our custodial team and classroom staff for getting our learning spaces ready to receive students. We still have some gardening to do, and some painting, but every classroom is ready to receive students.  Half of the gym is still closed to students as repairs are completed following the construction.

    Please be sure to update your registration forms online, and for grade 7 parents to complete the Chromebook waivers online.  This year, everyone of our grade 7 and 8 students will be assigned a Chromebook. By then end of the 19-20 school year every student in DDSB schools from grades 7-12 will have access to a personal Chromebook to support learning.

    Over the summer, each of our classrooms had the old computers removed.  Classrooms of students in grades 2-6 have received 6 Chromebooks.  Kindergartens and Grade 1 classes have received 4 new iPads. We are truly excited to be leveraging digital in  helping our students to connect with their learning.

    Life Threatening Allergies  - Nut Aware School - Shellfish Alert

    We are a nut aware school.  Please read your labels carefully and don’t send food to school that contains nuts, including tree nuts.  Please note that this extends to spreads that look like peanut butter such as Nutella. We want our students to be safe, and want to avoid confusion.

    Be sure to notify Mrs. Barnett in the front office in addition to your registration form of life threatening allergies..  You will have new forms to fill out.

    Cellphones, Personal Electronics, Valuables

    Students must turn off cellphones when they arrive at school and store them in their lockers/backpacks.  Cellphone use and personal video game use is not permitted in classrooms (unless specifically stated by the teacher), on the playground, in the hallways, in the bathrooms, or in the changes rooms at anytime.  Students who need to contact parents are expected to alert the staff in the office. Students bring these items to school at their own risk. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will be assigned lockers. They may wish to bring their Dudley-brand lock for tomorrow.


    Ensure your child comes dressed for the weather.  Reusable water bottles are encouraged for all. All classrooms have access to a fan.  Our library is now one of our much needed cooling spaces :-)

    First Day Routines


    Our staff will be on the school yard at 8:45 am excited to receive students.

    The weather forecast is calling for sunshine (or at least dry), so we will go with Plan A:

    Kindergarten (Ms. Tsumura/Mrs. Duchesne, Mrs. Ali/Mrs. Wiggins)

    On the first day, you will enter through the gate at the south end of the school.  Parents, please give your hugs and kisses on the outside of the gate. The kindergarten play area is for students and staff only.

    Grades 1-3 (Mr. Sen, Mrs. Lavelley/Ms. Sharp, Mrs. Gillespie)

    Please line up at the south doors (the primary doors).  Your teachers will bring you in and upstairs in a safe and orderly fashion.  Parents, please give your hugs and kisses outside the school. The primary doors are to be used by students and staff only.

    Grades 4-5 (Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Cullum)

    Please line up at the west doors (the junior doors).  Your teachers will bring you in and upstairs in a safe and orderly fashion.  Parents, please give your hugs and kisses outside the school. The junior doors are to be used by students and staff only.

    Grades 6-8 (Ms. Poppleton, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Schweizer)

    Please line up at the north doors (the intermediate doors).  Your teachers will bring you in and upstairs (grade 6) in a safe and orderly fashion.  Parents, please give your hugs and kisses outside the school. The intermediate doors are to be used by students and staff only.


    Parents, please wait for your child outside there assigned entry/exit doors.


    Parents visiting the school for any reason must enter only through the front doors.  You must check in with the office each and every time you are in the building. Items being dropped off for your child can be left in the main office - we will ensure they are delivered to your child’s classroom.  Visitors and volunteers in the school must wear the assigned identification at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Lunch Time

    We strongly encourage families to consider, where possible and practical, having children go home for lunch.  Most students will eat in their homerooms, supervised by a supervisor employed by the DDSB. Eating times are 30 minutes for Kindergartens and 20 minutes for 1-8.  Outdoor play is supervised by lunchroom supervisors until 12:30 when additional teaching staff join in supervising the yard.

    Stay tuned for more upcoming events and dates.

    Welcome back.

    Yours in learning and leadership,

    Sean Powers, Principal

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