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Duffin's Bay Public School
Digital Citizenship
ipod.pngPersonal Electronic Devices (e.g. Cell phones, iPODS, tablets, laptops)
Many students bring their personal devices (laptops, tablets, handheld devices) to school.  These powerful tools are potential “classrooms in the pocket” students can use to access information, display creativity and demonstrate understanding.  Once students have passed their Digital Citizenship exam, students, along with their parent/guardian, sign their licence.  Students are then invited to use their personal devices as directed by their teacher for educational purposes only.  Bringing their personal devices is optional for students and parents are not obligated to purchase a device for their child.  Resources will be provided when required for a learning task planned by the teacher.  The Durham District School Board and Duffin’s Bay Public School cannot assume the liability for lost or stolen personal electronic devices. 
In keeping with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, unauthorized video or audio recording on school grounds by students and guests for any purpose is prohibited.  The taking of photos, filming or recording while at school or at school-related activities is prohibited unless approved by DDSB staff for educational purposes. 
Unless deemed appropriate by the school administration for educational purposes, it is the practice of the Durham District School Board that the use of personal electronic devices is prohibited during the school day on school property.  If a student brings a personal electronic device to school, it should be turned off.  Personal electronic devices may be utilized off school property or in designated areas and during times assigned by the school.   
Personal electronic devices that are used inappropriately inside of schools during the normal school day are disruptive to the teaching and learning environment.  The privacy and personal dignity of others could be violated by the inappropriate use of personal electronic devices to text message, social network, and/or share digital media.  In addition, communication through personal electronic devices during class time interferes with teaching and learning.  An exception to this occurs when the teacher has approved the use of specific technology for purposeful instruction.   
Parents and family members are advised that students cannot receive phone/text/social media messages during the instructional day.  When parents must contact students while they are at school, parents are requested to phone the main office so the message may be given to the student.
Co –curricular programs, such as field trips and after-school events are an extension of the classroom, and the expectations of the use of personal electronic devices apply.  Staff may approve the use of this technology for purposes of education and communication, such as calling parents for pick-up or taking photos or videos of trip highlights.
During an emergency, the administration in consultation with Emergency Services, may give students permission to use personal electronic devices to contact parents or guardians.   
The inappropriate use of personal electronic devices during the normal school day will be subject to the Duffin’s Bay Public School Code of Conduct and the Durham District School Board Progressive Discipline Policy, which may include confiscation of the device and/or communication with parents or guardians.
Computer Security
The school policy establishes guidelines regarding access, personal use and appropriate content.  All students must also adhere to the rules as outlined in the “Computer Agreement” and signed by students and parents at the beginning of the school year.  The computer system is monitored and violation of files and/or access to unauthorized areas can be easily determined.  Unauthorized computer disks may not be used on the system.  This includes software and/or all information on disks from home, purchased at a retail store or downloaded from the internet.  Passwords must be kept confidential.  Inappropriate use of computer systems are subject to the Progressive Discipline policy and may result in consequences which may include loss of privileges, detentions, parent notification, suspension, police involvement.