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Digital Citizenship
ipod.pngFamilies and students are encouraged to review the Student Code of Conduct, found in the Student Agenda or on the website here for complete information about our Digital Citizenship program. 

Many students bring their personal devices (laptops, tablets, handheld devices) to school.  These powerful tools are potential “classrooms in the pocket” students can use to access information, display creativity and demonstrate understanding.  Once students have passed their Digital Citizenship exam, students, along with their parent/guardian, sign their licence.  Students are then invited to use their personal devices as directed by their teacher for educational purposes only.  Bringing their personal devices is optional for students and parents are not obligated to purchase a device for their child.  Resources will be provided when required for a learning task planned by the teacher.  The Durham District School Board and Duffin’s Bay Public School cannot assume the liability for lost or stolen personal electronic devices. 
Each student signs the Safe and Acceptable Use Agreement for the use of technology at the beginning of the year. 
Parents are invited to go to DDSB's Tech Talk for resources and information aTechTalk_Logo_new.jpgbout Digital Citizenship and Safety.