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Duffin's Bay Public School
Progressive Discipline and Restorative Practices
Progressive Discipline is a strategy which promotes positive student behaviour and enables the school administrator to choose from a continuum of interventions and supports to address inappropriate student behaviour. Positive student behaviour is promoted at school by helping students make good choices. Detailed information is available by visiting the Durham District School Board Website. 
Restorative Practice is a way of thinking and being that involves staff and students working with each other in a manner that is both firm (consistent, explicit, with high standards) and fair (validates everyone's input and ideas provides explanations and sets clear expectations). In this climate, a sense of community is developed, and everyone is held accountable for his or her own actions.
“Simply put, to be ‘restorative’ means to believe that decisions are best made and conflicts are best resolved by those most directly involved in them… we seek to develop good relationships and restore a sense of community in an increasingly disconnected world.” The Restorative Practice Handbook, p. 7
When things go wrong, one is expected to accept responsibility and repair the harm in an environment in which everyone is supported and treated with integrity and respect. The use of Progressive Discipline and Restorative Practice helps to create safe and inclusive learning environments.  (taken from DDSB website)  
Detailed information and resources are available by visiting the Safe Schools section of the Durham District School Board Website.