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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort



Grade Counsellors

Grade 9 - N. Sorichetti
Grade 10 - J.  Balson
Grade 11 - E. Williams
Grade 12 - E.  Faiazza

L. MacKinnon - Secretary

The guidance staff assist students and parents with the following:
Educational Planning
            Course Selection
                                                - Career Cruising – Course Planner
                                                - Course Calendar
            Mandatory Community Involvement
                                                - Volunteer Durham
            Alternative Education
                                                - Durham Continuing Education

Career Counselling                         

            Employment Preparation Skills
-Career Cruising

Post Secondary Planning

                                                - Grade 11 and 12 Parent Information Nights
                                                - Ontario Colleges
                                                - Grade 11 and 12 Parent Information Nights
                                                Ontario Universities Application Center
                                                Electronic Info         
                                                - Tradeability
                                                - Ministry of Education
                                                - Employment and Social Development Canada
                                                - Job Bank Canada
                                                - Job Futures
            Financial Planning          
                                                - OSAP
                                                - Scholarships Canada
                                                - Student Awards

Support for Academic Success

            Study Skills
            Tutor Referrals
            Student Success Initiatives

Personal Counselling

            Work closely with community agencies and Durham Board support staff
                                                - Distress Center Durham
                                                Durham Mental Health Services                      

Co-operative Education

Cooperative Education is a career exploration program which links classroom theory with practical work experiences available through business and industry.                                        

Department Members

Ms. Simmons, Ms. Belisle, Ms. Weima,  Ms. Henderson, Ms. Anderson


Student Success​

Department Members
J. Henderson
J. Stellpflug
Centre For Success

J. Stellpflug
Durham College - Oshawa Campus
Simcoe Building Room 1142
Henry Street High School