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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort
OSSLT @ Henry
The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is based on the reading and writing expectations up to the end of Grade 9.  It is not a test of memorized facts. A student who has successfully completed the OSSLT is considered to have met the literacy graduation requirement.
The Voluntary On-Line Literacy Test will be on October 20, 2016.
The Literacy Test will be held on March 30, 2017. Only those students writing the test attend on the test day.


Visit the EQAO website ( ) to view past tests and preparation materials.

On-Line Practice Test​

Test Content

​Reading Questions

Students read five different passages, covering a range of topics. They vary in length from a single paragraph to two pages. Selections include the following forms:
 • information paragraph (Presents ideas and information on a topic.)
 • news report (Presents information in the form of a news story.)
 • dialogue (Presents a conversation between two or more people.)
 • real-life narrative (Presents an account of a significant time in an individual’s life.)
 • graphic text (Presents ideas and information with the help of graphic features such as schedules, timetables, graphs, charts, sketches or drawings.)

Writing Questions

Students must complete the following items:
 • a news report (one page response)
 • a series of paragraphs expressing an opinion (two page response)
 • short writing tasks (requiring a response in six lines)
 • multiple choice questions


By answering comprehension questions, students must show they can:
 • understand explicitly stated information and ideas
 • understand indirectly stated information and ideas
 • make personal connections to the text
Questions are in two forms:
 • multiple choice questions
 • short open-response questions including a summary


In their writing, students must demonstrate skill in:
 • developing a main idea with sufficient supporting details
 • organizing and linking information and ideas
 • using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling