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Innovative Schools
Richardson is a past award winner for our technology education and integration. Since our opening we have run an Information Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum program. The purpose of this initiative is to develop a continuum of Information Literacy skills and ensure all students have the opportunity to obtain these skills by developing curriculum units in required grade 9 and 10 courses.
The ICT skills continuum is divided into 5 areas based on the categories outlined by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE):
- Basic Operations and Concepts
- Communication
- Social, Ethical, and Human Issues
- Productivity Skills
- Research Skills
- Problem Solving Skills
Our goals are to ensure that technology is used to improve student learning. It is our goal that all students graduate high school with a foundation knowledge of how to use technology. The support provided by Industy Canada's Network of Innovative Schools has been invaluable in assisting us in implementing this initiative.


Various organizations have developed ICT skills. Here are some of the standards we reviewed when we created the ICT Skills Continuum that was appropriate for our school.

- Durham District School Board Computer Skills Continuum
- International Society for Technology in Education - National Education Technology Standards (NETS)
- Ontario Library Association Information Studies K-12
- European Computer Drivers License
- Microsoft User Specialist (skills can be modified to use with other software programs)

Our Information Literacy Skills Continuum

Click here to view Richardson's Information Literacy Skills Continuum.