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Mrs. Baker wears many hats handling both the physical resources at school and the digital resources available to all students at Lakeside.  Please feel free to ask her any questions.  

Many have asked about how to access your school files when at home and how to upload it after you have made changes.  You can get access to it on our school homepage at the top where it says Student Mobile Campus. Hopefully the file below will help make this resource useful.​

The Mobile Campus page allows students to more easily access the resources they use most from home or school, including their Home Folders (U: drive).  It may be used on computers or mobile devices.





Mrs. Baker is the librarian at Lakeside and also the webmaster of this site. Please contact her at the school or by e-mail,
Mrs. Baker is teaching in a classroom between 10:25 and 2 pm, the library will be closed for book exchanges during those times. Classes are scheduled to use the computer classes and teachers will help to circulate books to their own classes. If you would like to help with book exchange by volunteering in the library, all students would benefit!!
If you would be interested in helping with this or any other task, please drop in to see Mrs. Baker. This is a great choice for high school students who are finished their exams and need some volunteer hours!


When a student receives an overdue notice it is a reminder to return or renew the book. If they don't remember signing it out then they are asked to come to the library where a description or a second copy will spark their memory. Please do a thorough check at home, in their backpack and in the classroom. Nine times out of ten it is found in the first week. If a second notice is sent the student is requested to come and look for the book on the library shelves. As I am teaching during the day, it is often the students' responsibility to sign-out their own books. Trained student volunteers help to re-shelve the books however mistakes often happen. Parent volunteers would greatly help reduce the number of misplaced books and help keep the shelves in proper order.
If the book has been missing for a month, a billing notice is sent. Please look one more time and send in a check payable to Lakeside for the book. A record will be made on the book's catalogue of the payment and the overdue record removed so they can continue to sign-out books. The check will be kept until final inventory in June. If the book is found in good condition then the check will be destroyed but if the book continues to be missing then the check will be cashed.
If you like to read comics and/or graphic novel visit Tim Simms of Worlds Collide in Oshawa is at 80 Simcoe Street N , 905-436 8999. All purchases will give a 20% credit to our school. His website features an on-line store where you can select items to be ordered. If you cannot make it to the store Mrs. Baker can arrange for the books to be delivered to the school. Please contact Mrs. Baker for further details.

 Battle of the Books

Check out


The Battle of the Books program will be run by Mrs. Elliot and Mrs. Baker again this year. We look forward to having enough interest for both a junior and senior team. Each of the two teams read from a list of about 40 books. A specific situation is presented and the students need to respond with the name of the book, and the author of the book, in which it happened. In the lightning round the students need to remember a very specific detail from any of the books from the list. The lists come out in early October and the competition is in April. Thanks to Mrs. Elliot's weekly training, our teams have done exceptionally well for many years. Also thanks to the SCC and your contribution to their fundraising throughout the year that makes the purchase of these books possible.

 Reading Programs

The Forest of Trees program is a provincially run program encouraging literacy to student and to adults. Students are encouraged to read as many books from the program and if they read 5 books from any category they are elegible to participate in the "people's choice" vote. Check out this link to investigate the titles in this year’s programs.
The Blue Spruce continues to feature Canadian picture books for kindergarten to grade 2. The Silver Birch Express is an added category featuring books of fiction and non fiction for grade 3 and 4 students. Silver Birch therefore focusses on. readers in grade 5 and 6, offering both fiction and non-fiction. The Red Maple Reading Program is offered to all grade 7 and 8 readers. The books are ordered and are available before the holiday and voting takes place at the end of April.
Each program features Canadian written and illustrated, age appropriate books. All students are welcome to participate by reading as many in their age category and meeting in the library during afternoon recess to discuss their reactions to these books.
Many thanks go out to the SCC and you for your contribution to their fundraising which makes the purchasing of these books possible.
The Primary Students will participate during school time when the books are read and discussed together.


​Research is a skill that requires a lot of patience for young learners and their parents. In today's "Google" world, it can be very frustrating for our students to find appropriate material that they can easily understand. They are often easily tempted by the cut and paste technique and end up learning nothing. We now have the Brittanica Encyclopedia available to all students at home or at school to help with sorting through material and presenting it in a kid friendly atmosphere. Please take five minutes to check it out.
Please e-mail Mrs. Baker for the password

Student Research Center

Search full-text magazine/newspaper articles and find biographies, photos, maps, flags and more! After clicking on the link choose "Student Research Centre".

Career Cruising
Career Cruising is a bilingual career guidance system that guides students through the career and education planning process. Assessment tools help students learn about themselves and the various career paths open to them. Using what they have learned, students can then research in-depth occupation profiles, featuring multimedia interviews with real people in every occupation. Once they have decided on a career path or paths, they can link directly to comprehensive university, community college, and apprenticeship training information.


We are always looking for volunteers!!!. After minimal training, you can come in whenever and for what ever length of time you can contribute. If you could offer even half and hour a week or even half a day once a month, we can make the library a more efficient resource centre. Reducing time at the check-in desk and working the shelves ensures that the Librarian has more time to help with assisting students in their search for appropriate reading material and for planning and teaching exciting programs for the benefit of all classes. Please contact Mrs. Baker if you are interested in helping the school.