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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship at the DDSB is built on the nine principles of Digital Citizenship, as set out in Digital Citizenship in Schools by Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey (2007). The essence of Digital Citizenship is separated into nine different elements, including Rights & Responsibilities, Digital Etiquette, and Digital Security.


Ribble’s elements are a strong foundation for the DDSB Digital Citizenship implementation, however they are concepts not easily absorbed by students, especially in the younger grades. It is important that all community stakeholders come together to set out our norms for technology use in the future. It will be about understanding that Digital citizenship is more than the rules that govern use, and more than being safe online.

Cell Phones and other personal electronic devices.

Here at Lakeside, many student bring personal devices to school. These tools, when used effectively in the classroom can be engaging and powerful tools for student success. Unless deemed appropriate by the school administration for educational purposes, it is the practice of the Durham District School Board that the use of personal electronic devices is prohibited during the school day on school property.  If a student brings a personal electronic device to school, it should be turned off.  Personal electronic devices may be utilized off school property or in designated areas and during times assigned by the school. The Durham District School Board and Lakeside Public School cannot assume liability for lost, damaged or ​stolen personal electronic devices.

Parents and family members are advised that students cannot receive phone/text/social media messages during the instructional day.  When parents must contact students while they are at school, parents are requested to phone the main office so the message may be given to the student.

Computer Use

​Please click here to view the ACCEPTABLE-AND-SAFE-USE-PROCEDURE-Elementary.pdf