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​School photo day is fast approaching.  Mark 08/28/2014 on your calendar.  Edge imaging will be in the school to help you preserve school day memories!...
​The first week of school will be a very exciting time for staff, students and parents. Our first week schedule is as follows:   ​August 25,...

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 Bell Times

​​Regular Day Schedule

​Week 1


Week 2






1​ 2​ ​8:25 9:45​
2​ ​1 ​9:50 11:05​
Lunch Lunch ​11:05 11:55​
3 ​4 11:55​ 1:10​
4 ​3 1:15​ 2:30​


Special Day Schedule​ ​ ​
Period​ Start​ End​
1​ 8:25​ 9:05​
​2 9:10​ ​9:50
​3 9:55​ ​10:35
​4 10:40​ ​11:20
​Lunch 11:20​ ​12:10


Events Calendar

Aug 22, 2014 All Day
Aug 25, 2014 All Day
Brock HS, Henry Street HS & Maxwell Heights SS
Aug 25, 2014 All Day
Grade 9 students will be the only Maxwell students present today. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend as well.
Aug 25, 2014 All Day
Aug 26, 2014 - Aug 29, 2014

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Registrations are now being accepted for School Bus Orientation Day which will take place on Saturday, August 23, 2014.   The Young Rider Program introduces Durham...
Durham Student Transportation Services (DSTS) is introducing weather zones to be used on inclement weather days. Beginning in Fall 2014, there will be four zones,...
During the months of July and August, some Guidance Departments of the secondary schools may not be available to process transcript requests.  In this case,...
The DDSB’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is calling for applications for four secondary parent/guardian positions, one from each of the following areas: Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering,...
​ The channel includes videos featuring just some of the great work being done in public education in the DDSB. Programs and schools featured to...

Principal: K. Boehm | Vice Principals: J. Finlay, S. Rae | Superintendent: S. Peterson | Trustees: M. Barrett , K. Hopper , L. Jacula