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O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Let Talent Flourish
Specialized Program

The Specialized program courses enable students to experience a more in-depth, focused curriculum. At present, courses here include: 


​Students will explore a variety of traditional and contemporary cartoon forms, including the Political or Editorial Cartoon, the Classic Strip, Fantasy and Super Heroes, and film-influenced forms like the Graphic Novel. Life Drawing, Layout and Lettering, Linear Perspective, the figure as an Art Historical subject genre, as well as work in a variety of media and techniques will enable student-cartoonists to fully realize their imaginative creations.


 Applied Design & Illustration

In Grade 10 students will explore a variety of commercial art forms and applications, including Poster/DVD design, Package, and Textile Design, Toy Design, Logos, Graphics, and Product and Story Illustration. A variety of media and techniques including design marker and 3-D sculpture in the form of action figure maquettes, will enable students to experience what it means to be an artist whose creations impact on our daily lives. Key moments in the history of Design and Art History will serve as inspiration.


 ​Advanced Drawing & Painting

Grade 11 ​Advanced Drawing and Visualisation offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of subject matter types, both from the world around us, and the inner world of the artist’s imagination. Particular attention will be paid to that most challenging, and yet perhaps most expressive of all subject genres, the human figure. Drawing as an exacting means of recording and interpreting reality, working in a variety of media and techniques including pseudo-intaglio printmaking, and, finally, studying the work of the Masters, will enable students to realize their own unique artistic vision.


 Digital Arts

Digital Arts is aimed at Grade 11 students who require an alternative to a traditional Visual Arts experience, this course utilizes the computer, Google Sketch Up and digital imagery as the primary means of artistic expression in combination with traditional art mediums such as drawing and painting.



Through discussion, practical demonstrations and creative assignments, students in Grade 11 and 12 will develop a better understanding of digital photography and imaging basics while improving their design and compositional skills with the camera. This course will focus on the use of Photoshop as a now essential tool in the photographic arts. Topics will include scanning, retouching, colour correction, and filtering techniques. Students will also examine historical and cultural contexts of digital photographic arts. 


 Developing a Portfolio

The Grade 12 Portfolio Development course has been created to respond to the Visual Art student’s need to develop a personal portfolio geared towards a specific post-secondary programme, equipping students for the study of Art in College and University programmes. Students will continue to experiment with the Elements and Principles of Design and the expressive qualities of various materials while working within a wide range of media, processes, techniques, and styles while building their personal portfolios. Students will examine the History of Art to develop criticism and analysis methods as well as sources of inspiration. Students will develop a body of work and a portfolio to be presented at the conclusion of this course.