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Pine Ridge Secondary School
We always do our best



Department Members 

K. Kosciejew, Secretary

K. Cowan, Head of Guidance

Guidance Counsellors:

J. Younger

A. Agraso

We offer a number of programs that assist students to set and achieve his/her personal goals including:

    • Career Studies (Grade10) / Individual Pathway Planning all grades
    • Leadership and Learning Strategies
    • Community Service Opportunities
    • Tutors (Private and Student)
    • Home Instruction, SAL - medical note required
    • International Exchanges
    • College/University/Apprenticeship/Workplace destinations and pathways

This is the department to contact when you need:

    • Educational and career counseling
    • Course selection assistance and diploma progress planning
    • Post-secondary planning (College, University, Apprenticeship and Workplace destinations)
    • University and College application information and deadlines
    • Educational websites
    • Information sessions
    • Scholarships and SAT information
    • Job counseling and resume assistance
    • Individual assistance and short-term counseling, referral to community agencies and supports

 Registration Inquiries

If you wish to register a student at Pine Ridge, complete the appropriate forms below and return them to the Guidance Office between 7:30am and 3:30pm on any regular school day.  The completed forms will be reviewed and then you will be contacted to arrange an interview with a vice-principal.  Additional forms may be required, depending on the student's home address (i.e., outside of Pine Ridge's boundaries) and/or who the student will be living with while attending Pine Ridge (i.e., someone other than a legal guardian).

 Registration Form for students.

If you are a parent or guardian of a current Pine Ridge student and require a letter verifying your child's enrollment and/or attendance at Pine Ridge, please complete the Request for Proof of Registration Form and return it to the Guidance Office between 7:30am and 3:30pm on any regular school day.


Transitions, Progressions and Destinations  booklets for students, parents and guardians

Choosing my Success:  Student Transtion Guide, Grade 8 to Grade 9

ProgressionsProgressions:  Navigating Through High School

DestinationsDestinations: Choices in your Future