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Digital Citizenship 101

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is about displaying positive character traits in all online interactions.  Mike Ribble, an expert on digital citizenship has broken the concept down into 9 important elements:

  1. Digital Access - making sure everyone has equitable access to technology
  2. Digital Commerce - understanding the world of buying & selling online
  3. Digital Communication - we must make good decisions when faced with a world where we are connected almost 24/7
  4. Digital Literacy - we must teach our students to be comfortable with technology so they have the confidence to explore and tackle new technologies as they emerge
  5. Digital Etiquette - students must understand the norms associated with online conduct and interactions
  6. Digital Law - we are legally responsible for our actions online just as we are offline. 
  7. Digital Rights & Responsibilites - we need to respect the rights and privileges of ourselves and others online
  8. Digital Health & Wellness - we need to be aware of the effect technology has on our bodies and health
  9. Digital Self Protection - we must take steps to protect ourselves from danger online

(Taken from

For more information on the 9 elements, view Digital_Citizenship_Themes.pdfDigital_Citizenship_Themes.pdf.

 Using the links on the left, feel free to explore the four pieces of the puzzle.