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Pine Ridge Secondary School
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Student Voice in Pickering

We have raised $19,341.48!  Thank you for your contributions!

Pine Ridge Secondary School, on behalf of the Pickering Family of Schools and the Durham District School Board, is pleased to introduce a student driven initiative called i AM WHO i AM. Key messages of this character based program include:

 Each student is unique

i AM WHO i AM logo

    • Each student is valued
    • Each student is welcome
    • Each student is supported
    • We are better together
    • Appreciating each other for who we are
Working collaboratively, we aim to create schools and communities that honour the equity and worth of all. We recognize the value and dignity of each individual. We strive to inspire our students, parents, staff and community members to support each other in learning, working and living together. ‘I am who I am' is grounded in safe, caring and restorative practices that celebrate the individuality of all school and community members. We look forward to sharing the exciting work of our students and staff. Please join us in celebrating our youth and honouring their right to learn in a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment.

The launch date was Monday, November 14, 2011. Many initiatives are planned at all schools in Pickering. To begin, the campaign of awareness, bracelets and t-shirts will be sold with proceeds going towards purchasing a wheelchair for a Pickering student in need.  (Click on the link below to see the t-shirt and wristband.)

As a school, we will continue to promote the learning concepts embedded in this program which are fostered from our character education strategies and which were in direct response to our concern for Mitchell Wilson and his family.  Throughout the year, we will be organizing assemblies and activities to maintain our "i AM WHO i AM" focus.  Please continue to check back as we will be sharing the progress of this exciting program with our community throughout the year.

i AM WHO i AM is a campaign initiated by a committee of inspired students in memory of Mitchell Wilson to honour and support his memory.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
William James (1842 – 1910)


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Pine Ridge Secondary School and i AM WHO i AM was mentioned in the House of Commons!  Click here​ to view the video.