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Research & Inquiry Process

The research wheel shows the four stages of research and online tools availlable to assist sutdents with each stage.

Below, find the four steps that students will follow when conducting research.




Stage 1: Exploring

  • Begin the project
  • Choose an appropriate and personally engaging topic
  • Develop deep questions around the selected topic 
Tools include:

Stage 3: Processing

  • Analyze information
  • Evaluate ideas found within selected information
  • Organize and synthesize findings


Tools include:


Stage 2: Investigating

  • Design a research plan
  • Find sources and select appropriate information
  • Decide on a clear and interesting focus for the research


Tools include:


Stage 4: Creating

  • Making and presenting a final product
  • Assessing product and process
  • Extending and transferring learning to new contexts and inquiries


Tools include:


  • M: (Media) Drive resources
  • EasyBib – citation tool
  • Learn Ontario – online tutorials
  • Presentations – Kidpix, Pixie, Microsoft Powerpoint , Prezi, Frames
  • Movies – Photostory, Moviemaker, Pixie, Frames
  • Posters – Adobe Photoshop, Smart Notebook, Microsoft Publisher, Pixie
  • Comic Strips – Bitstrips, Comic Life
  • Animation – Frames
  • Podcasts – Audacity