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Ignite Learning
Gifted Program

Giftedness is a category of exceptionality as defined by the ministry. Children must be identified through the IPRC process to register in a self-contained gifted class. DDSB offers classes to these identified students in grades 4 to 12.

The Durham District School Board provides two programming models for identified intellectually gifted students:
  • Remain in the regular class placement at the home school with accommodations provided by the classroom teacher or
  • Placement in a self-contained class with other identified gifted students.

Frequently Asked Questions About The G​ifted Program

Characteristics of Gifted Children
Listed below are several characteristics that may assist parents and educators identify intellectually gifted learners. The children who will benefit from this special program will display many of these characteristics to a much higher degree than the typical child.
Please read these characteristics carefully and decide whether they apply to your child. Where your child displays many of these characteristics to a high degree, consider nominating him/her for the screening procedure.
  1. Has an unusually advanced vocabulary for his/her age.
  2. Has quick mastery and recall of factual information.
  3. Has a large storehouse of information on a variety of topics (often beyond usual interests of youngsters this age).
  4. Wants to know how things work and asks deep and probing questions about what makes things and people “tick”.
  5. Reads a great deal on his or her own; understands what is read; prefers to read books beyond typical age level.
  6. Likes “grown up” things and often prefers the company of older children and adults.
  7. Displays a great deal of curiosity and asks lots of questions about anything and everything.
  8. Comes up with a large number of unique and unusual ways of solving problems; ideas are often “far out” or very creative.
  9. Becomes easily bored with routine tasks.
  10. Has a keen sense of humour.
  11. Carries responsibility well; can be counted on to do what he or she has promised and usually does it well.
  12. Sticks to a project once it is begun.
  13. Is a high risk taker; is not afraid to try new experiences; is adventurous.
  14. Is impulsive; often acts before he/she thinks.
  15. Is independent and self-sufficient in looking after himself/herself.
  16. Tends to dominate others if given a chance.
  17. Is a keen and alert observer; usually “sees more” or “gets more” out of a story or film than other children the same age.
  18. Is uninhibited in expressing opinions; is sometimes radical and spirited in disagreement.
  19. Adapts readily to new situations; is flexible in thought and action and does not seem disturbed when the normal routine is changed.
  20. Independent in thought or action; not afraid to be different.


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