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Social Work and Attendance Services

Social Work Services and Attendance Services are part of the Durham District School Board's Inclusive Student Services department.

Social workers, attendance counsellors work with students, families, teachers and principals in a variety of ways to resolve social, emotional and behavioural issues that impede a student's progress.


Attendance Services
The purpose of Attendance Services is to promote student achievement through regular attendance. Attendance referrals may be initiated by the school principal, a parent or a member of the community.

The Attendance Counsellor will work to identify factors that are inhibiting a student’s attendance and a plan will be developed to support attendance.

The law requires regular and punctual attendance once a student is registered in school until he/she reaches the age of eighteen years.

How to Access Social Work Services

The school staff will contact the school social worker regarding a student and together decide if a referral may be helpful.  A student's name will not be used at this point.  The school staff will then talk with a parent/guardian or adult student to determine if a referral will be made.  A parent/guardian or an adult student will be asked to sign a Consent for Service form provided by the school which will confirm that assistance from Social Work Services is being requested and appropriate consent has been obtained.

Students can talk to a teacher, principal or guidance counsellor (in secondary schools) about how to contact a Social Worker.

Professional Conduct
Social Workers employed by the Durham District School Board are Registered with Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, which regulates the profession of Social Work -further information can be found at

Privacy of information is a legal requirement. Confidentiality of personal information will be discussed with parents/guardian and student.
Support through Social Work and Attendance Services in the Durham District School Board is provided during the school year.


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