Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness

Durham District School Board (DDSB) is committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion practices. DDSB schools and communities are diverse spaces and we want to ensure that all students receive equitable access to education.

Director of Education, Lisa Millar, discusses the DDSB's key commitments in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusiveness in the following video:

Keys to inclusion

In our ongoing efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion we have:

  • Established a Board steering committee with representatives from stakeholder groups to guide the work and recommendations from the Community Voice Project
  • Created sub-committee action teams to implement projects and initiatives
  • Developed a 3-year Equity and Diversity Strategic Plan
  • Revised DDSB hiring practices and policies for a modern, culturally-rich workforce
  • Begun offering a series of projects for black boys and youth such as 100 Strong
  • Established Choosing My Success transition program for students graduating from Grade 8 to Grade 9
  • Established a Diversity Leadership program for racialized and aspiring leaders
  • Worked to ensure that school and classroom practices reflect multiple social realities and perspectives to identify and eliminate barriers
  • Committed to ensuring equitable access and practices are reflected in our policies and programs to create an inclusive environment where ALL students feel they belong
  • Established a toolkit and digital resources for implementing culturally responsive pedagogy and instruction