Supervisory Officer Talent Pool

Are you an educational leader focused on student well-being and success and committed to community engagement, innovation and equity? Are you willing to contribute to building an environment of collaborative professionalism? Are you a Principal who has optimized the unique strengths of your school and worked with a team to address barriers to student success? Are you a Superintendent who has worked with a family of schools to support student achievement and hear parental/caregiver and community voices? If this sounds like you, and you are ready to join a growing school board serving diverse communities, you may be interested in this leadership opportunity.

The Durham District School Board (DDSB) encompasses cities (Oshawa and Pickering), towns (Ajax and Whitby), and townships (Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock).  DDSB is a rapidly growing District and is the largest employer in the Region.  More than 72,000 students attend schools in the District, 111 of which are elementary and 18 secondary. DDSB operates with a budget of over $782 million dollars. The diverse communities include significant South Asian, Black, Middle Eastern and East Asian populations according to the results of a recent student census.

The vision of DDSB is that its schools need to be places where everyone can succeed in a culture of high expectations. Its mission is to create an equitable, dynamic and innovative school system.

DDSB’s strategic plan, “Ignite Learning” is well established. It is built on accomplishments in six areas, described as follows:

  • Success -We value your achievements
  • Well-being -We value how you feel
  • Leadership – We value you how you grow
  • Equity – We value you who you are
  • Engagement – We value your involvement
  • Innovation – We value forward thinking

DDSB is particularly proud of recent progress in both equity and innovation. With respect to equity, DDSB has both gathered information (We Are DDSB Student Census) and taken action by bringing together its various communities to seek advice on how to advance equity and inclusion. Its record of technological innovation, including the introduction of Chromebooks for every student from Grades 7 to 12 is exemplary.

DDSB is engaged in a proactive recruitment and selection process to build a Talent Pool of Supervisory Officers for the future. In doing so, DDSB is guided by the clear conclusions of recent research on the impact of leadership on student well-being and success.  DDSB is committed to supporting school leadership teams in their work with teachers and support staff to analyze their school environments and instructional approaches in order to determine what needs to be emphasized and what needs to be changed. The work of the Supervisory Officer facilitates the creation of the optimal conditions for learning and thriving for students. The research is equally clear that this cannot be done by edict or centralized control.

You are a caring, collaborative and agile leader who knows that you will be successful if you provide significant and consistent support and guidance to the schools you lead. You have been successful in your current role because you have supported reflection on instructional practice and teacher efficacy through teamwork and focus in each school. Your work has been characterized by encouraging parental/caregiver and community engagement and building trust in schools where student, teacher, support staff and community voices have influence on how the school works and how students experience their learning. If you are a capacity builder who creates cultures of teamwork and integrity and has encouraged coherent processes and implementation strategies that break down siloes while recognizing the unique needs of each school and individual learner, this Supervisory Officer role in DDSB may be a good fit for you. 

You are committed to working with staff to interpret data and research in the best interests of each school’s teaching and learning process. Your track record demonstrates success in inspiring and supporting the work of school improvement processes and creating strong connections within and across families of schools. You are a champion of equity and inclusion whose work has made a positive impact on student outcomes and family/caregiver experiences. You build relationships with Indigenous communities and are committed to ongoing learning with Indigenous knowledge systems. You have demonstrated success in managing and allocating human and fiscal resources. There is evidence that you have the political acumen to successfully support the implementation of the Board’s educational vision and mission both in your family of schools and across the system.

In your service to schools and communities, you build strong teams with Principals, you invite student and community voices and you support continuous improvement through Principals’ effective instructional leadership. As a new member of the DDSB leadership team, you will be invested in embedding trust and transparency into the leadership culture of the DDSB senior team. An emotionally intelligent servant leader, you will empower others and you will serve as a change agent through empathy, respect and optimism. A leader of leaders, you will incorporate feedback, honour the expertise of others, and demonstrate self-awareness and a strong moral and ethical compass. A systems thinker, you will be strategic and an organic leader with a broad system understanding, whether working at the school or the system level.

Supervisory Officer qualifications, completed or in progress, are a requirement. Successful experience in at least two leadership roles in the elementary or secondary panels, with a combination of elementary and secondary experience being an asset. Experience working with schools in diverse communities is desirable.

To apply for this senior mandate in the Durham District School Board, submit your application by May 26, 2020 to:

Joan M. Green & Associates/LBCG
c/o Frank Markel

Please specify Supervisory Officer Pool Durham District School Board in the subject line of your email.

Joan M. Green & Associates/LBCG are mindful of the importance of championing diversity amongst candidates. The project team is fluent in current diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression practices. We are committed to ensuring a fair and inclusive recruitment process.

Accommodation Statement:

Joan M. Green & Associates/LBCG fosters a culture of inclusion. We will make any appropriate accommodation based on any of the protected grounds in the Human Rights Code to support candidate participation in the recruitment and selection process. All candidates will be provided with an understanding of the expectations and requirements of the process, in order to ensure full participation of all qualified candidates. 

DDSB Hiring Inclusion Statement:

We are committed to equity and inclusion in the recruitment and hiring of qualified staff who reflect the diversity of our region. We encourage submissions from candidates who represent the various dimensions of diversity.