Safe Schools and Code of Conduct

Durham District School Board (DDSB) is committed to maintaining a positive school environment. This happens when all members of the school community feel safe, comfortable and accepted. The Safe Schools initiative works to create positive school environments through:

Code of Conduct

The Safe Schools initiative promotes the behaviours outlined in the DDSB's:

Safe Schools newsletter

Read the DDSB Safe Schools newsletter to stay-up-date on our activities and programs.

Our Safe Schools team

Meet the DDSB Safe Schools team:

  • Georgette Davis, Superintendent of Safe Schools and Mental Health and Well-Being
  • Ken MacNaughton, Administrative Officer of Safe Schools
  • Dan Hogan, Violence Prevention and Substance Abuse Coordinator
  • Holly Richard, Program Facilitator of Safe Schools
  • Lori Clint, Administrative Assistant of Safe Schools and Mental Health and Well-Being
  • Mary Lou Finlay, Administrative Secretary of Safe Schools
  • Steffanie Pelleboer, Mental Health Leader
  • Sandra Provenzano, Administrative Secretary of Mental Health