COVID Advisory

The DDSB is following the Ministry of Education’s Operational Guidance: COVID-19 Management in Schools should a case of COVID-19 be suspected or confirmed in a student or staff member. We will also be following any additional directions of the Durham Region Health Department, who has the responsibility to manage confirmed cases of COVID-19, including what happens if there is an outbreak. The Durham Region Health Department has more information about COVID-19 in schools that you can review on their Schools Reopening Toolkit.

Schools and the DDSB is committed to informing families and school staff if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school. We will be doing this in a message to families and to staff and posting information at the button you can click below.

Please note that as COVID-19 cases are resolved and the individual is cleared to return to school, the case will be moved from the “Active” confirmed case column to the “Resolved” column. 

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 and/or class/cohort closures are updated on the next business day.  

exclamation mark, confirmed cases and school closures text on green background


A positive case at a school does not ​mean the individual was exposed to COVID-19 at the school. They may have been exposed somewhere else in the community.