Durham Partners Symposium

Fostering Resilience in Children - Supporting Mental Health and Social Well-Being

Saturday May 27, 2023
9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Durham District School Board, 400 Taunton Road East, Whitby

Refreshments and daycare will be provided.

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The theme of the 2023 symposium is a result of the feedback received from the Parent Engagement survey that was sent out in late 2022. As a result of this feedback, we are pleased to present Fostering Resilience in Children - Supporting Mental Health and Social Well-Being.

Keynote Speaker:

Perdita Felicien

Perdita Felicien

Olympian | Author | Television Host

Perdita Felicien is a two-time Olympian, 10-time National Champion, two-time World silver medalist, and the only Canadian woman to win a World Championship gold medal in track and field. During her career as a 100-metre hurdler she earned numerous honours, including Canada’s Athlete of the Year and the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. In her inspiring talks, Felicien explores what it means to chase a dream and overcome the “hurdles” life can put before you. 

Breakout Sessions: 

Mental Health and Resiliency

Natasha Halliday  |  Therapist, Speaker, Comedian and published author

Natasha believes that we all possess resilience. She is dedicated to uncovering the resilience already there, foster and build resilience where needed, and demonstrate how to grow through adversity. She is passionate about helping people move past fear into the life that they desire and are purposed to live.

Parents Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being Matters Too

Alyson Schafer  |  Family Counsellor, TV Personality, Columnist, Spokesperson & Educator 

Parenting is a hard job! Of course, we struggle to control our guilt, worries, anxieties and anger. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, like we’re falling short or triggered by our children’s behaviours. In this talk we will discuss how to navigate these emotions to improve our mental health and well-being which will enable us to parent effectively.

Parenting in the Age of Social Media

Holly Richard  |  Program Facilitator, DDSB Positive School Climates

Today’s children and youth are growing up in an increasingly digital world. This reality is changing the experience of childhood and youth in significant ways, which is changing some aspects of parenting along with it. Parenting in the Age of Social Media addresses a variety of new considerations for parents and caregivers while offering suggestions for keeping kids safe, responsible and ethical as they navigate online spaces.

Adversity and Resiliency

Saroya Tinker  |  former DDSB student, professional hockey player with the Toronto Six, Executive Director of Black Girl Hockey Club Canada and Yale graduate

Hockey is often seen as a white sport. Saroya understands that representation of BIPOC individuals in the sport is what helps push hockey forward and change the stereotype. Pushing through the lack of representation and racism in the game, Saroya has overcome many obstacles to achieve her dreams. Saroya will speak about overcoming adversity in sports and life, as well as what it means to be resilient and an inspiration to those around you.

The Impact of Substance Use on Mental Health

Dan Hogan | DDSB Positive School Climates Coordinator 

This breakout session will explore:

  • The complex interaction between substance use and mental health
  • Best practices in navigating the substance use with youth

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