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ipod.pngThe use of technology continues to accelerate in society.  Today's learning spaces are flexible and through technology can be personalized to meet students' needs.  By integrating technology, we can deepen student knowledge, understanding, and thinking while widening their learning in a global context. 


Families are often seeking more information about how to use technology effectively at home to support their child's learning. 


At home, families can connect digital citizenship to character education, by discussing that we want to be the same kind of person online as we do when interacting in person.  Reminding our children that anything posted online is permanent is an important early lesson.
Families are encouraged to have a structure for online use and set boundaries.  Remind children that friends in real life are the people who should be friends online.  Talk about who makes a good friend.
1. Keep all devices (computers, tablets, ipods) in a common area of the house
2. Set up e-mail, chat accounts and blogs with your children and know their passwords
3. Regularly check your child’s email and IM contact lists with your child
4. Teach your child to never post things they wouldn’t want everyone to see
5. Learn about your child’s online activities
6. Talk about cyberbullying and strategies to use to avoid it
7. Investigate any issue with your child thoroughly
8. Problem-solve issues with your child
9. Be your child’s advocate
10. Encourage your child to unplug
For more resources, please visit Tech Talk on the DDSB website here: