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Duffin's Bay Public School
Credo and Announcements

We are proud of our students who volunteer to read the Credo on the morning announcements.  Here is a copy of the Credo for you to practice at home.


A Student’s Credo For Canadian Unity

We join together in gratitude for our country Canada, so rich in its people, its beauty, its heritage and resources.

We trust that our nation will ever be a truly human community and a place of peace, where we may live in respect for one another, having grown in wisdom and spirit through sharing our lives with people different from ourselves.

May we be strengthened in our unity through the appreciation of our various backgrounds of all kinds - ethnic, cultural and religious:

Recognizing that these

differences between us

do not divide us, but add

to the richness of our land

and our lives together.

Believing in these things, we will ever strive to cultivate harmony and tranquility among all who identify as Canadians, always thankful for the mosaic which is the true basis of our nation.


A Students Credo For Canadian Unity.pdf