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Maxwell Heights Secondary School
School Information

 The History of Maxwell Heights

‚ÄčThe name, Maxwell Heights, was reclaimed from a previous set of schools once featured in the area.

In the early nineteenth century, on the North-east corner of Harmony Road and Taunton Road, there stood a one room school house owned by Mr. and Mrs. John Maxwell. The original school was a small log house with dirt floors, small windows, a fireplace and it could accommodate few students. The school was too small for the local children, so Mrs. Maxwell spearheaded a campaign to acquire funding for a larger schoolhouse. As a result of her efforts, in the 1850's a new brick school was erected with windows, a stove, and a cloak room. In her honour the school was named "Maxwell's School".

In 1955, Maxwell's School was replaced by Maxwell Heights Public School. The new school was a one storey, concrete and brick structure. There were many windows with ample light for the classrooms. Green chalk boards were installed, and heat was provided to the school by two oil furnaces. These extras were superior advancements for the school. At the time, Maxwell Heights was an innovative school full of opportunity for staff and students a like. However, as urban requirements shifted and educational needs evolved, in the early 1990's the school was closed and later torn down in 1995.

As a way to restore heritage in the community, the Durham District School Board has named its newest Oshawa high school, Maxwell Heights Secondary School. The school offers a fresh and inviting educational experience to all of its students. The school is equipped with state of the art technology and innovative resources that supports student success and education for all. Maxwell Heights Secondary School opened in September 2009.