DDSB Ventilation Measures Report

Posted On Friday September 03, 2021

A big part of health and safety in schools is air quality. 

  • Between 2015 and 2020, more than 180 projects have been completed to upgrade the air quality in DDSB schools and buildings.
  • We have invested in upgraded filters for all of our ventilation systems. These upgraded filters are highly effective at removing a broad range of particles, including bacteria and even some viruses.
  • Ventilation checks have been completed in every school. We have purchased 1,870 portable HEPA air filtration units, which are being installed as quickly as possible. These units will enhance ventilation and will be installed in various schools across the district. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education has supplied an additional 311 units. All of these individual units have HEPA-level filtration and filter the air within spaces that are not fully mechanically ventilated. All Kindergarten classrooms, regardless of ventilation type, have been given improved HEPA-level filtration systems.
  • Duct cleaning is also being completed at schools to boost the efficiency of existing ventilation systems.

The Ministry of Education has mandated that school boards across Ontario post ventilation information to enhance transparency for students, parents and staff and provide consistent communication across the province about measures taken to improve air quality in schools.

In the spreadsheet provided, parents can search by school to see what improvements have been made to their child(ren)’s school(s).

Please click on the file below to access the DDSB Ventilation Measures Report.