Register for School

Durham District School Board (DDSB) requires online registration for new students in our schools. If your child is transferring from one DDSB school to another, this is a returning student.

If a student leaves DDSB and goes to another school and then returns to a DDSB school, they are considered a new student. These students will need to complete the new student registration form.

DDSB schools follow the principles of safe schools and the code of conduct for everyone's safety.

Register a student for school

Select the type of student registration below and follow the steps for enrolment.

New student

To register a new student in a DDSB school:

  1. Use the school locator to find schools in your area boundaries;
  2. Complete the new student online registration;
  3. Wait for the school to contact you for an appointment (you will need to provide supporting documents at this time);
  4. Go to the meeting with the required supporting documents and complete registration.

Returning student

Returning students verify their registration information annually. We inform parents in the summer that this needs to be done.

To register a returning student in a DDSB school:

  1. Go to the Parent Portal;
  2. Login;
  3. Select the "returning student registration" button;
  4. Complete the registration.

Special needs

Learn about special needs registration and inclusive student services, including assessment through the Ministry of Education categories.

View the special needs transportation form for bus information.

International student

View this webpage to register an international student in a DDSB school.

Summer school

You can register for summer school (elementary and secondary school) through the Durham Continuing Education website. Learn more about summer school programs.

Kindergarten and Early Learning

Kindergarten is an optional play-based educational program where children learn personal and social development. The average class size is 2 educators for 26 students. If pre-registration exceeds class size limits in a school, children may be moved to a different school.

Register for Kindergarten

Learn how to register your child for kindergarten.

Child care and early learning programs

Many of our schools offer before and after school child care for Kindergarten students. Learn more about child care and early years programs.

Registration in another language

You can register in-person in another language by using one of the translated language forms below:

To register in-person with one of the forms above, print, complete and return the form to your child's school.

Registration documents and appointment

Once you have completed a registration online, the school will contact you for an appointment.

Please bring the following documents to your registration appointment:

All appointments

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or residency status (birth certificate, passport, Permanent Residency card, Record of Landing or study permit)
  • Proof of residency in Durham (e.g., home purchase agreement, ownership title, lease or rental agreement, property tax assessment)
  • Immunization records
  • Application for direction of school support
  • Most recent report card (except for registration to junior Kindergarten)

Additional documents you may need

  • Proof of custody if child doesn't live with both parents
  • For children in foster care, a Children's Aid Society (CAS) worker must be present at the appointment
  • Court order (if applicable)
  • Copy of Individual Education Plan for students coming from another school board

Secondary school additional documents

  • Transcript of marks
  • Record of community service hours (if applicable)
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test results (if applicable)

Kindergarten additional documents

  • Kindergarten parent questionnaire

Buses and transportation

View bus and transportation information for all students.