School Properties

Durham District School Board (DDSB) has procedures in place regarding our properties. These include the permitted uses of our schools, information on student enrolment, and construction progress on DDSB properties.

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Student Enrolment

The Ministry of Education requires an annual enrolment summary report as at October 31, for actual student enrolment. Official Enrolment Projections are prepared each spring for the upcoming school year. Planning and operations staff put together the projections with input from school principals.

The Enrolment Summary in the Durham District School Board is a school-by-school, grade-by-grade breakdown of actual recorded enrolment as at October 31. Summaries are submitted to the Ministry.

Enrolment projections and summaries by year

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To request information on previous years, contact the Property and Planning department.

Construction Progress and Innovative Design
Construction Progress

The Durham District School Board (DDSB) has many construction projects underway including new schools, childcare additions, and major renovation projects. To stay up to date with the progress of all these projects, you can read our construction progress reports on DDSB properties.

Innovative Design

Single Stall Washrooms

The use of single-stall washrooms with a common handwashing area is something that we are seeing more of in public and private places, businesses and workplaces. These types of washroom facilities provide privacy and enhance safety while respecting the dignity and rights of everyone who need to use the washroom. As part of this broader shift single-stall washrooms are being incorporated in some school construction projects. 

Each single-stall washroom will feature a door that extends from floor to ceiling, eliminating any gaps to enhance privacy. Each single-stall washroom will be equipped with a toilet, mirror, ventilation fan, a menstrual products dispenser, and an emergency alarm for added security. Stall doors are designed to open inward, providing a safe, comfortable experience. Larger, accessible stalls will be available, complete with all the same amenities in addition to an individual sink. A shared space partially open to the hallway with a wide shared sink will be placed at washroom entrances which helps to enhance safety and visibility. 

The DDSB regularly receives feedback from students, staff and families about how to improve the school environment and ensure that it is safe and welcoming environment for everyone. This happens in many ways including through school climate surveys, e-mails, phone calls, conversations and other engagement methods. This shift in incorporating single-stall washrooms responds to that feedback. 

This modern design approach also recognizes the diverse needs of our school communities and will help to foster an educational environment that is safe, equitable, inclusive, accessible, respectful, and welcoming for all learners. This aligns with our responsibility to uphold human rights for everyone. 

To see how this design innovation looks in practice, please view the short video below:

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Ventilation Measures Report

A big part of health and safety in schools is air quality.

  • Between 2020 and 2023, a total of 40 ventilation projects have been completed to upgrade the air quality in DDSB schools and buildings. This school year, an additional 3 ventilation projects are planned or already in progress.
  • We have invested in upgraded filters for all of our ventilation systems. These upgraded filters are highly effective at removing a broad range of particles, including bacteria and even some viruses. We use MERV 13 filters in our central air handling units and change these on an accelerated schedule.
  • Ventilation checks have been completed in every school.
  • We initially purchased 1,870 portable HEPA air filtration units, which have been installed, and as funding became available, ordered and received an additional 150 in
  • January 2022 and 180 in February 2022. These units will enhance ventilation and will be installed in various schools across the district. Furthermore, as of February 2022 we have received an additional 75 units supplied by the Ministry of Education on top of the 311 units they have provided already.
  • All of these individual units have HEPA-level filtration and filter the air within spaces that are not fully mechanically ventilated. All Kindergarten classrooms, regardless of ventilation type, have also been given improved HEPA-level filtration systems. Any additional units in schools are being placed to provide improved air quality in addition to the optimized ventilation system. In all, 2,492 standalone HEPA filter units have been deployed.
  • Duct cleaning is also being completed at schools to boost the efficiency of existing ventilation systems.
  • DDSB is in the fortunate position to have the majority of our buildings fully mechanically ventilated, which means they are equipped with a modern, robust ventilation system. As such, we are able to improve ventilation and air quality in several ways, including installing MERV 13 filters and changing them more frequently, increasing the volume of outdoor air, completing pre- OR post-occupancy air purges.

The Ministry of Education has mandated that school boards across Ontario post ventilation information to enhance transparency for students, parents and staff and provide consistent communication across the province about measures taken to improve air quality in schools. 

In the spreadsheet provided, parents can search by school to see what improvements have been made to their child(ren)’s school(s).

Access the DDSB Ventilation Measures Report.

Please note:  When viewing this document you must click on the 'Enable Editing' button located at top of the spreadsheet to view contents of Tab 1 and Tab 2.

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Vacant school sites

The following school sites are vacant. Some vacant school sites are for sale.

Declared surplus (not for sale)

  • H.W. Knight Public School site only (Brock)
  • Cartwright High School

Closed but not declared surplus (not for sale)


Vacant school sites may be used at any time by Durham Regional Police Services.