Make a Difference

Durham District School Board (DDSB) Make a Difference Poverty Strategy sets out a framework to deliver on our commitments to:

  • School readiness and student success
  • Reducing the achievement gap
  • Connecting families, students and community support services

Support our program

You can support this program and children living in poverty by donating to the Ignite Durham Learning Foundation.

About the program

Make a Difference schools in Durham Region work to reduce the impact of poverty on academic achievement. The Make a Difference Poverty Strategy Steering Committee provides leadership and focuses on 14 key initiatives:

  • Setting the stage
  • Communication
  • Breakfast, snack and nutrition programs
  • Child development
  • After school programs and non-Instructional day programs
  • Parent and family engagement and support programs
  • Education and training programs
  • Outreach and community engagement
  • Oral language
  • Hubs
  • Local poverty reduction fund grant (LPRF) – FUSEDurham
  • Youth strategy
  • Charitable foundation
  • Donations

Youth poverty strategy

The DDSB is committed to supporting our children and youth to reach their full potential. We want our children and youth to learn and achieve, to be healthy, to be safe and feel safe. The DDSB Youth Poverty Strategy aims to reduce the impact living in poverty has on our students.